(Closed) Call for participation

🚫 The call for participation is closed
⚠️ Submission deadline: September 5, 2020 September 18, 2020
📝 Submission form: http://bit.ly/cscwcivictech

We seek participants who engage with research and practice focused on developing technologies, supporting civic engagement, or examine the mechanisms that citizens and organizations follow to influence change and decision-making on issues of concern. We will explicitly seek increased participation from researchers and practitioners from geographical regions that have traditionally been underrepresented in these academic venues, in particular, applicants from the Global South.

Applicants will be asked to submit a proposal including previous or ongoing research or practice that reflects on the process, lessons learned, or emerging challenges while examining, designing, or deploying civic technologies, such as:

  • Civics, Infrastructure, and Local Context
    • Local conditions that favour the development and deployment of civic technologies
    • Challenges when adopting existing technologies in new socio-geographic environments
    • Hybridization of online and offline participation in civic technologies
  • Civics, Trust and Government
    • Methods for building trust among civic tech participants and with government bodies
    • Challenges in making government data available to the public
  • Sharing Methods and Strategies
    • Governance models of civic technologies based on participatory principles
    • Approaches to ensure project sustainability and the community engagement
    • Indicators for measuring community health and democratic quality online

We will give preferential treatment to applications including a 2-4 pages position paper in the ACM Extended Abstract format (LaTeX, Word) on their projects centered on civic technologies. However, position papers are not limited to these topics, and broader discussions on digital civics are encouraged.

The organizing committee will review the submissions according to their relevance and demonstrated experience with the goals of the workshop. We expect the maximum number of participants to be 25.

The workshop will be held online, and the registration will be only $20. In addition, conference chairs are exploring pathways for reduced workshop fees.