After the introductory session, our one-day workshop will be organized in three sessions, in each of which participants will brainstorm and reflect on the different challenges to research and practice of civic technologies Participants will work in groups based on the topics that emerge from the position papers received. For the formation of the teams, we will consider the particularities of each position paper, such as target population, methods, the status of the project, and technology used. The organization of the groups will seek a balance between people from different regions and diverse backgrounds to encourage a richer discussion.

Introduction and Brief Remarks

In this introductory session, the workshop’s organizers will conduct brief remarks about the goal and motivation of the workshop. Then, each participant will introduce their work.

1st Session | Civics, Infrastructure, and Local Context

In this session, we will encourage discussion on infrastructure and local context, and how those two elements affect the design, implementation, adoption, and maintenance of civic technology. To this end, we will ask participants to craft a collage in which they describe the existent or lacking infrastructure in the context where they work. To facilitate this activity, we will provide participants with a collage kit.

2nd Session | Civics, Trust, and Government

Participants in this session will focus the discussion on how trust in digital civics depends on the sociopolitical context where community engagement takes place. We will encourage them to identify key elements of the configuration of trust among government, citizenry, and local organizations. To this end, we will ask participants to use an adapted version of stakeholder maps to visually communicate who are the key constituents of their ongoing projects and to define hierarchies and key relationships. To facilitate this process, we will provide participants with digital templates and visual materials on Jamboard. Similarly to the previous session, we will ask each group to present their maps to the rest of the participants.

3rd Session | Sharing Methods and Strategies

Building on the discussions of the two previous sessions, we will ask participants in the last session to reflect on how the key elements of infrastructure, local context, and trust of the region where they have been conducting their research have influenced their selection and adaptation of research methods. Through an affinity diagram activity, participants will share and discover what methods and strategies are best suited for conducting research on civic technologies in specific contexts. After the activity, each group will present their affinity diagram to the rest of the participants.