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This workshop is part of CSCW 2020, held online in October 17, 2020.

Over the last years, civic technology projects have emerged around the world to advance open government and community action. Although Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) communities have shown a growing interest in researching issues around civic technologies, yet most research still focuses on projects from the Global North. The goal of this workshop is, therefore, to advance CSCW research by raising awareness for the ongoing challenges and open questions around civic technology by bridging the gap between researchers and practitioners from different regions.

The workshop will be organized around three central topics:

  1. discuss how the local context and infrastructure affect the design, implementation, adoption, and maintenance of civic technology;
  2. identify key elements of the configuration of trust among government, citizenry, and local organizations and how these elements change depending on the sociopolitical context where community engagement takes place;
  3. discover what methods and strategies are best suited for conducting research on civic technologies in different contexts.

The goal is this workshop is twofold. First, to exchange knowledge and experiences when designing, implementing, deploying and maintaining civic technologies across regions with different infrastructures, needs, and local histories. Second, to bridge the gap between researchers and civic tech practitioners (policymakers, public officers, social innovators, developers, designers, activists.).

For more details and references, read our full workshop proposal.

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